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Managerial Accounting: A Decision Focus, 8th edition

New edition (9e) coming in early 2014! With new co-author:Jefferson Williams, University of Michigan. Previously published by Richard D. Irwin and then McGraw Hill, 9e is being thoroughly updated and will be available for reviewing this upcoming spring term (2014) in time for Fall 2014 classes. Emphasis is placed on how accounting statements evolve through the recording of business transactions and then how these statements are used in business decisions. The popular coverage of Careers in Accounting and Analyzing and Using the Financial Results are again primary features. The authors have thoroughly updated these chapters to include contemporary coverage of Ethical and Accounting Perspectives as well as the practical use of the Internet. The authors continue to write all the problems, exercises and supplemental materials. Please note that the Principles of Accounting text by the same author contains the same chapters as this Managerial Accounting text (plus additional chapters). ISBN: 1-930789-75-0