Principles of Economics, 2nd edition

Copyright 2011 by Timothy Taylor (Managing Editor, The Journal of Economic Perspectives; Macalester College). 743 pages. (NOTE: NOW ACCOMPANIED BY INTERACTIVE HOMEWORK SOLUTION FROM SAPLING LEARNING.) This 2nd edition of of Taylor's popular introductory economics textbook builds on what worked so well in the first edition: creating strong connections between the basic concepts of the course and the economic subjects of high interest to students. Taylor delivers a combination of step-by-step explanations and lively examples, drawing on the author’s experience as an award-winning teacher. This quote from one of the 100+ instructor users says it best: “I got the book and, frankly, couldn't put it down. I have listened to all of Tim's programs for The Teaching Company and find him to be an extremely knowledgeable economist, who has the ability to take complex issues and make them come alive. His book is really an extension of his rather amazing style.” For more detailed information and a table of contents, see the Book Information PDF. ISBN: 1-930789-13-0