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Accounting Information Systems: A Practitioner Emphasis, 8th edition

This textbook was previously published by Cengage; which means it has gone through significant peer-reviews and market-testing. The eight edition of this popular accounting textbook has been fully renovated for the Textbook Media publishing model, with the authors providing a thorough update with current examples and coverage. In contrast to traditional accounting systems textbooks that assume an organization will develop its own accounting system and, therefore, emphasize systems development, this textbook gives students the theoretical foundation and skills they will need to conduct a requirements analysis, search for a commercial solution, and successfully implement the software package selected. Accounting systems in this textbook are events-driven, encompassing the capture and processing of all events (financial and non-financial) required for constructing the financial reports necessary for managing an organization, and for meeting external reporting requirements. More differentiators and product details are provided in the PDF link below. Supported by a Computerized Test Bank, Solutions Manual and Lecture Slides. ISBN: 1-930789-82-3 or 978-1-930789-82-1