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American Government: Your Voice, Your Future, 5th edition

ISBN: 978-0-982-32417-2. This highly regarded, affordable mainstream American government text is both a comprehensive introduction and a complete program, with the core print text and supplements carefully crafted to work together to benefit both instructor and student. The Fifth Edition maintains its highly acclaimed, non-ideological framework, conversational narrative, and three integrated guiding themes: accessibility, relevance, and choice. Updated! Includes coverage of current topics, data, and scholarly research ─ extensively revised and updated for the Obama era including the 2012 election and the debate over contemporary issues and recent events such as gun control, immigration reform, fiscal policy, healthcare reform, and more!

Student Supplements

Downloadable Lecture Guide

This printable lecture guide is designed for student use and is available as a study tool and lecture resource. It contains key points, tables, and illustrations from the textbook. Downloadable pdf files contains numerous slides for each chapter of the textbook.  


Price: $9.95