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Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business, 2nd edition

Victor D. López, Associate Professor of Legal Studies in Business at Hofstra University’s is a veteran textbook author whose works have been published by Prentice Hall and McGraw Hill/Irwin. Lopez has rewritten and updated this previously published book to best harness our “textbook media” model. His natural and relaxed writing style engages students with direct prose arranged in short chapters followed by hypothetical cases. The text is presented in a modular style, offering students material in digestible chunks and instructors flexibility in syllabus sequence. Includes an Instructor's Manual and a Test Item File. All students will have access to an online version which provides them with powerful digital tools including search, notes, highlights and chat. Students can quickly locate key terms, and move quickly and easily within and between chapters, or navigate to related web sites. The online version is also available bundled with PDF chapters, or with the paperback, or with i-Phone downloads. Students from all backgrounds will find the prices of all textbook options refreshingly affordable, with prices starting at $29.95. ISBN: 1-930789-50-5