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Strategic Management and Entrepreneurial Cases

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURIAL CASES is a compilation of 18 classroom tested cases that were designed as either assignments for individual case write-ups or for team assignments and describe real-world applications. The Cases cover key strategic management topics and were selected to represent a variety of industries and situations, such as medical waste disposal, private schools, RV parks, and much more. The case method of teaching has long been recognized as an effective way to engage students in real-world situations faced by individuals and companies. Case analysis encourages students to analyze and prescribe solutions to the several types of decision-making situations, requiring specific recommendations for managerial actions to solve problems or deal with issues facing individuals and companies. Students have to put themselves in the position of the people making decisions and respond to those situations by making specific recommendations for action. The cases have created good student involvement and have been an effective tools to sharpen their analytical and writing skills.

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