Study Guide featuring Problems and Solutions for Taylor's Economics Textbooks

This study guide is a Problems & Solutions Manual for Timothy Taylor's Principles of Economics, including Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. 420 pages. (Note: Problems & Solutions Manuals for only Macroeconomics or Microeconomics are available under those texts. Paperback for Principles only available under this listing.) ISBN 1-930789-40-8

Student Supplements

Downloadable Study Guide

Study guide that accompanies Taylor's Principles of Economics, Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics. Downloadable chapter PDF files for offline studying and printing.  
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Black & White Paperback Study Guide

Black & white paperback version of Taylor's Study Guide for Principles of Econ, Macroeconomics & Microeconomics mailed directly to you after it prints (allow 14 business days).  
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