For Students


1. The Online eBook:  This is the least expensive version.  Our online reader features search, highlighting and notes. But if you want robust printing capabilities, we recommend one of the next two options, as the Online eBook has very limited printing capability. 


2. The Digital Bundle (PDF + Online eBook): Available for all textbooks and some (not all) study guides.  PDF versions are packaged as chapter downloads.  The textbook is available immediately after checkout.  Here’s how your two digital versions work:

Access the PDF from "My Account" by clicking the Read Now button. Click on Table of Contents icon on left side of screen, then click on desired heading to navigate to that point.  Once in desired chapter, click on print icon on left side of screen.  A PDF file for that chapter will open.

You can print directly from the opened PDF, or download/save the PDF by clicking on "File", then "Save As" from your toolbar. (Be sure to select the desired storage area of your computer.)  To download another chapter, return to Table of Contents icon and select new chapter, then continue with steps above.   Please note that some pop-up blockers will prevent the PDF files from opening.   If you are unable to open the PDF files, you’ll want to turn off or temporarily disable the pop-up blocker.   


3. Hybrid Bundles (Print + Online eBook):     We have other “two-for” options for those interested in reading from print:

unbound, black & white 3-hole punched loose-leaf (shrink-wrapped) plus access to the Online eBook

bound, black & white paperback versions plus access to the Online eBook

+ bound, color paperback version plus access to the Online eBook (available for most titles)

Use the online version while your paperback ships, or whenever you want online functionality like search, notes and chat. Details on how to order are provided when you select this option.


For more ordering info, see the “HELP” tab.

Good luck with your course!