Error Messages:

            If you have trouble logging in and know you have the right username (the email address you provided during registration) and password, try closing out of your browser completely (all websites) and starting over.  This will turn off the cookies some systems have that inform our website that you are already logged in (only one login at a time is allowed).  Note there is a password reminder system below the log-in area. 


If you receive an error message after clicking on the Read Now button to access your e-book, please close out of the website AND the browser you are using (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.).   Then go back into the browser and website and log-in again.  You’ll be taken back to the My Account page where you can click on the Read Now button to access your e-book.


Accessing the Online Book:  The Online Book works with most popular browsers on most devices. After the checkout process, access to any online version starts at the "My Account" page.   Click on the Read Now button. The online book will take a few seconds to load.  The Table of Contents icon can be found on the tool dashboard of the book screen (above the text). Click on the desired heading and you will be taken to that page in the book. Use the Table of Contents icon for easy navigation between chapters. 


Book Not in Account After Purchase:  If you don’t see the online book listed on the My Account page after purchase, log out of your account and then close down all browser windows.  Then log back in.  You should see the book there – click on Read Now to open the book.


Printing:  Only the Digital Bundle version of each book offers full printing capability.  This version comes with PDF files that are accessed by clicking on the print icon on the upper right side of the e-book screen (NOT the printer icon in your regular toolbar).   Pop-up blockers must be disabled in order to access these files, which can then be saved to your computer.  If using Windows 7 and the new window pops up and disappears quickly, hold down the Control key while clicking on Open Print Version button.  Continue holding Control key down until file opens.


Financial Aid Purchases: If financial aid covers your textbook bill, contact your financial aid office and confirm that they’ll reimburse the Textbook Media purchase. Schools are required to allow you to purchase the book from various sources. Use the email confirmation you receive from us after placing the order as the receipt for reimbursement.  As an alternative, some bookstores may be willing to make the purchase on your behalf using their credit card.  You can then purchase it from them using your voucher.

Good luck with your course!