Modern Financial Managing, Continuity and Change, 5th edition by Frank Werner & James A. F. Stoner

By Frank Werner, Ph.D and James A. F. Stoner, Ph.D. Both from Fordham University. Updated for 2018, Modern Financial Managing - Continuity and Change presents traditional finance subjects in an accessible and engaging manner while emphasizing the evolution of finance theory and practice. Modern Financial Managing’s approach is particularly relevant today as widespread concerns that financial excesses, justified by current finance theory, played a significant role in the deep recession of 2008-2009 are causing academics, practitioners, and regulators to rethink how finance should be practiced to best serve society. Modern Financial Managing - Continuity and Change shows how financial theory and practice both endure (continuity) and transform (change) to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. ISBN: 978-1-7322425-1-7

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