We are now partnering with educational publishers to deliver a wide selection of course materials at affordable prices.

Our "textbook media" publisher services are built on 16 years of successful eBook and print fulfillment. All with an eye of delivering affordable course materials.


Our cornerstone publishers are:

Academic Media Solutions

    AMS is a Cleveland-based publisher of affordable course materials for the social sciences and management. Launched in 2012, AMS passionately believes that the time has come for an entirely new and innovative approach to educational publishing.  more...

Textbook Media Press

    TMP is the Saint Paul-based publishing imprint of Textbook Media. Launched in 2004, TMP's initial focused on courses in business and economics. Recently, TMP expanded their offerings to include select courses in science and math.  More...



Digital and Print Fulfillment Options

Five Media Options per Publication

eBook with Online and Offline Access

Direct-to-Student and Bookstore Fulfillment

Print-on Demand. Imagine: No Inventory!

Bundle Pricing: Textbooks + Supplements.

Competitive rates. Save on your fulfillment costs.

Fast and Friendly Customer Service

A unique menu not found with any other service.

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"The old model doesn't work anymore. And these people who created   Textbook Media are doing something about it. They had the courage to start a company that redefines college publishing.   We are excited to be a part of it...

This is the future of educational publishing."                

-Tim Gallagher;

Academic Author

Colorado State University