Principles of Economics

This fifth edition teaches the tools and principles that are standard for introductory economics, in a way that students can see the applications for the U.S. and world economy. The facts, anecdotes, and explanations have been scrutinized and updated throughout. Tim Taylor has provided a complete updating of numerical graphs and statistics. In addition, this book has been structured since the first edition to mix in international topics and to consider product, labor, and capital markets side by side, which helps it apply easily to so many of the topics now in the news: effects of globalization on growth and labor markets, budget deficits, the minimum wage, health insurance, and many more.The overarching premise of this textbook is that microeconomics is most effectively learned in an active-learning, interactive environment. This text provides students with access to more than 200 interactive Excel figures that allow students to move the graphs using sliders and click boxes. A student workbook provides in-depth problems, a number of which utilize the interactive Excel figures. A complete set of instructor supplements serve to complement the approach.